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Stellar Phoenix UNIX Data Recovery

Features of Stellar Phoenix UNIX Data Recovery

  • It is a non destructive program
  • Reads only sectors from inaccessible drive short learning curve
  • Easy to use windows interface
  • Resume recovery option & Save scan information
  • File filter & mask options
  • Shows complete tree in a windows explorer like interface

In the field of computer system UNIX is a huge brand that is known due to the worldwide popular and highly capable Unix Operating Systems. These are widely used in servers and workstations. The UNIX environment and client server program model were essential elements in the development of internet. It redefined the network structure and made it vast rather than in individual computers. It is a multi tasking operating system that is ideal for multi user applications and network based applications.

Servers and workstations are more important in an organization since maximum important data is stored on them. So it is very necessary to have a program that can recover all the data from the Unix based systems. There is software which is capable to do the same thing which is expected here. It is known as Stellar Phoenix Unix Data Recovery. There are some reasons when the data loss situation occurs and requires data recovery:

  • Recover Lost Data from corrupted Super Block File Recovery after damage in Inode structures
  • Provides Unix data recovery after partition table errors & cases of deleted, damage, repartitioned or missing partitions volume recovery after corruption in Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) file & folder recovery after damages in block Group Descriptor
  • It provides recovery after errors in cylinder group restore data OLT table is damaged
  • Data Loss after FSCK is not able to repair the system data structure

There are many product ranges which depend upon the different Unix based machines:

  • Stellar Phoenix (SCO Open Server)
  • Stellar Phoenix (SCO UnixWare)
  • Stellar Phoenix (Solaris - Intel)
  • Stellar Phoenix BSD
  • Stellar Phoenix HP Unix

If you are Unix user or work on Unix servers/workstations as admin then to secure all the data you must need to have the Stellar Phoenix Unix Data Recovery Software. The Stellar Phoenix Unix Data Recovery software supports UFS (all variants), VxFS, HTFS and EAFS file systems. The system requirements to run this software successfully are:

  • x86 platform based host machine
  • Operating System – Windows Family OS
  • Free Space – 5 MB or more (for installation)
  • Inaccessible drive should be connected as secondary drive media
  • Free Disk Space for restoring data on host hard drive


How to use UNIX Data Recovery Software?